Having recently purchased a very small flock of ewes with lambs at foot it reached time for them to be clipped, fortunately for the ewes social distancing was not an issue.

Unless you are a sheep farmer you will not necessarily be aware of what happens next but needless to say most farmers spend at least a day clipping their flock which involves gathering them in, clipping and releasing for very little money.

Keith Barber has taken the fleeces from the 7 ewes that are currently basking in the field next to the Pele Tower and he has made them into something very special. Normally Keith makes rugs from the selvedge of highland tweed. If your lucky enough to spend a few nights in the Pele Tower you will find a fine example in the Master bedroom (All Saints).



Cosy evenings curled up alone or with friends. Sumptuous, thick, luxurious and stylish. All natural and for the rest of your life.

The rugs are made on a handmade peg loom which is one of the oldest forms of weaving. Everything is done by hand, the only electricity used is for the lights and the cups of tea!

The rugs are made from selvedge. When Scottish highland tweed is cut from the loom, the strips left are gathered and called selvedge. Thus each Gneiss Rug is made from the very best quality woollen highland tweed! In addition, as the rugs are made from a by product of the weaving industry, it makes them eco friendly especially as I do not treat the rugs with any chemicals whatsoever. Due to the material the rugs are made from each rug is extremely hard wearing as well as being soft underfoot. No two rugs are alike which makes each rug one of a kind.

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